Sunday, 4 October 2009

...and yet more flowers

Well, I did indeed manage to get over to Norwich on Friday afternoon and picked up some more flower cutters and a couple of new colours too, and I have spent most of the weekend 'playing' with them.

I managed to produce a nice range of shapes and colours, hand tinting some of them for extra depth, and using pearlised dragees and various nonpareils for the centres. Also baked some rose flavoured cakes with rose flavoured frosting to put them on - yummy!

My confidence boosted, I decide to have a go at the little fondant tortoise tutorial on, he's so cute and the tutorial is really easy to follow.

I'm now feeling much more confident about flowers in particular, and handling and modelling fondant in general.

All-in-all a good weekends work.

Now to concentrate on my next (big) project - watch this space :)


Friday, 2 October 2009

Practicing flowers

These are my Shabby Chic vanilla cuppies with Blueberry and Strawberry buttercream frosting, which I made for my monthly management meeting at work yesterday.

I really need to work more on my flowers, I tend to go for the funky, brightly coloured, flat variety (see Kim's cake below) but I do love the more delicate shapes and textures like these beautiful examples by cupcake d'lights.

This was my first time using a veiner to create the texture on the petals and I was relatively happy with the results, but to achieve that 'posy' look I now need to invest in some more cutters in a variety of shapes and sizes. Looks like I'm off to Norwich again this weekend!